Plant spreads

Vegetarian alternative to processed cheese, made of coconut oil and almonds.

Without gluten, lactose,soya and palm oil.

Tudlee plant spreads Cheddar style.

Cheddar style.

Try to daydream with a soft taste of the vegetarian spread , made of coconut oil and almonds. It is perfect as a cold spread or as a baked bread topping. The product does not contain lactose, gluten nor palm oil.

Nutritions for 100g

Energy Fat Acids Carbohydrates Sugar Fibre Protein Salt Omega-3
1244 kJ / 300 kcal 26g 24,0g 13,0g 1,0g 3,6g 1,0g

Drinking water, coconut oil, almonds flour, rice flour, modified starch, salt, stabilizer, pea protein, sour taste regulator,aroma, colours.