What are your favorite sources of plant based protein? Our first choice is always legumes. Legumes are very healthy and should not be missing even from a regular diet. For vegans and vegetarian, legumes are an excellent source of protein ☺️

There are many types of legumes, but to name our favorites, we are putting up this list of legumes with a high amount of protein. 

Red kidney beans
– 9 g of protein in 100 g

– 9 g of protein in 100 g

Red lentils
– 9 g of protein in 100 g

– 12 g of protein in 100 g

And what are some other plant sources of protein? You can try tofu, tempeh, seitan, quinoa, peanut butter and even chia seeds or hemp seeds. If you are looking for a perfect post- workout smoothie, check out our last blog post with a protein smoothie recipe with 24 grams of protein in one glass ❤️

In Tudlee, we know the importance of protein in a diet and that is why we have created protein spreads made out of legumes. They are 100% plant based, rich in protein and taste amazing with sourdough bread. Both flavors (curry and tomato) are made out of quinoa and one type of legume. We chose red kidney beans for tomato flavor and red lentils for curry.

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