Today, we would like to give you some tips on how to travel safe with food allergies. If you are vegetarian, vegan or you are allergic to some commonly used foods, you definitely came across some problems on your travels. We are happy to help you with that! So how to avoid all the bad situations on travels? You have to do some research beforehand ☺️ Let us give you three tips on what to do before you leave home.

1. Pack some snacks

If you are only going on a short road trip, bring some sandwiches, muffins or Tudlee chia desserts with you. In case you know you will be traveling for a while, protein and energy bars are a perfect choice. You can bring them anywhere you go, just take them out of your backpack and have a filling snack. We recommend to take some breakfast items with you as well, so you do not have to worry about food first thing in the morning. Instant porridge, oats or granola with plant based protein is a perfect choice to start your morning in a healthy and nutritious way.

2. Learn the allergens in the local language

This is important especially when it comes to places where English is not very widespread. It is always better to know the basics for common situations, but it is crucial for people with allergies. and want to make sure you are safe. Street food vendors often have lovely local food, but you might need to know some basics to figure out what is in the food ☺️

3. Find some restaurants in advance

Before you go abroad, do some research to figure out what are the options there. Are there any traditional foods that are allergen free? Are there any vegan friendly restaurants? You can find those on apps/websites like Tripadvisor, FourSquare and especially HappyCow. HappyCow is a perfect app for vegans and vegetarians. It specializes in vegan options in health stores, vegan restaurants and places that are vegan friendly.

If you have any other tips for safe and happy travels with allergies and special dietary requirements, let us know! ❤️ Have a nice trip!