Whether you are a vegan newbie or you just found out that you are allergic to eggs, you will be happy to hear that we have a few tips on how to substitute eggs in baking. Don’t panic, there are quite a few options ☺️

Even though using eggs in baking can be from various reasons, we will focus on the most common one. In most recipes eggs are used for binding. Binding agent is very important especially when it comes to gluten free recipes. Without gluten that binds ingredients together well, we have to make sure to substitute eggs properly.

So what are the options?
You can choose an egg substitute according to what you have at home or what fits best the recipe you are about to follow. 

Our favorite egg substitutes are: 

Apple Sauce
It is perfect to use in muffins with cinnamon and apple pieces. You can also use pear or pumpkin puree. All the purees and sauces are an amazing binding agent and you can use their flavor to your advantage.

Flax Seed
Always use this one grounded! Add in some water, set it aside for 10 minutes and you get an egg-like mixture. This option is great for donuts or gingerbread cookies.

Pancakes or banana bread are super easy to make without eggs. Just mash ripe bananas with fork and add it in the dough! 

Nut Butter
Peanut, almond or even hazelnut butter is a nutritious and delicious egg substitute. Perfect for brownies and blondies.

Chia seeds
And finally chia seeds that are used in the same way like flax seed ☺️ If you add in some liquid, you get chia gel. You can also use Tudlee chia dessert. Vanilla flavor is especially yummy in baking, because it does not only substitute eggs, but also vanilla paste.

You can find plenty of egg free recipes on our website. Here are two breakfast recipes using Tudlee chia dessert. 100% plant based, of course ❤️

  1. Apple Crumble
  2. Cranberry Cookies