Have you been thinking about more eco friendly way of living, but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we are here to help ☺️ Today, we will tell you three super easy swaps you can implement in your every day life. There are many things you can change to live more eco friendly, but getting rid of single use packaging is a good start. Here it comes!

1. Reusable cup
I am sure that just like everybody else, you have your favorite hot beverage. Is it coffee, tea, hot chocolate? Whatever it might be, there has definitely been a moment in your life, when you wanted to grab a cup of your favorite beverage on your way to work or simply enjoy it in a park. Unfortunately, single use cups are not very eco friendly. It not only creates a new waste, but it can’t even be recycled. So what about bringing your own reusable cup next time? Good news is that many cafes offer a discount, if you have your own cup. Isn’t that nice?

2. Water bottle
We are lucky enough to have safe tap water in Europe. So why don’t get a nice glass bottle and refill your drinking water from tap anytime you get thirsty? ☺️ You will save mother Earth and your wallet will thank you.

3. Reusable produce bags
Whether you shop for produce in a supermarket or at your local farmers market, I am sure there are free plastic produce bags. Unfortunately, we all use them to bring the produce home and then we throw them away. Luckily, there is an amazing alternative. Reusable produce bags! They can be made from cotton, recycled polyester or even biodegradable materials. One more tip: to be 100% eco friendly while shopping, bring your own tote bag!

We hope you liked this post! Let us know if you try one of these eco friendly swaps ❤️